FAQ & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you buy stamps?

We have a huge collection of our own that we are trying to work through, so we are not actively looking for collections to purchase. However, if you have some stamps that you inherited or no longer want that are in good condition, you are welcome to donate them to us, so we can recycle them into craft packs and art for others to use/enjoy. Our mailing address is on the "Contact Us" page.
Yes. Please contact us for details and provide some information about yourself and details about the place you would like to sell our items:  info@factory57.com
My sister and I started collecting stamps around age five using chore and birthday money to get stamps from estate sales, live auction houses and the post office. Over many years we have been able to collect many boxes of various World/USA and New/Unused stamps and are working through them as time allows.. so it's always a great surpirse to see what we find (again!).
At least a million. Does that mean an actual million or just "A lot"? We will never tell... but we defintely have a lifetime of sorting ahead of us. If there is a theme/topic you like, we probably have it, somewhere.
Sometimes people ask to buy our stamp collection - and that's tricky, because that usually leads to more questions. We don't just have one big binder of stamps or one organized box we can mail you. Our collection consists of 100's of products such as: Framed Stamp Art, keychains, stamp DIY kits, used world stamps, new and used USA stamps, other crafts such as stickers, coasters etc. Usually after we explain this people do not want the entire lot, unless of course they are looking to open an actual stamp store somewhere - in which case we would probably want to work at that shop! If you are looking to place a large order of stamps, we can certainly try to accommodate you, we just need to know/understand what type of stamps you are looking for!


Shipping and Company Policies:

What Shipping Method is Used?

It's no surprise that we use USPS/Post Office to mail all of our orders! Everything is sent as first class package with tracking, so you can follow along with the delivery status! 

I put the wrong shipping address; Can I change it?

Because we pack and ship our orders very soon after a sale is complete, please be sure to confirm your address is correct BEFORE you order. However, as soon as you realize the address is incorrect, please message us. If we have not yet mailed it we can try to update it. If the order has been mailed, you will need to reach out to USPS to re-direct the package to your correct address. 

What is the processing time?

Most of our products are made and ready to go! Orders are currently being mailed same/next business day. Occasionally we go on the weekends, but if you order on Friday, the latest it will go out is Monday. 

My Order is marked "delivered", but I don't have it, what should I do? 

Please reach out to your local post office and have your tracking number available. They can provide you with the exact GPS location the package was delivered or assist with a claim if needed. Please know that sometimes USPS will mark an item delivered when it is still in route and you may get it a few days later! Factory57 is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

What is the Refund/Cancelation Policy? 

All sales are final. However, if you have an issue with your order, please reach out to us and we will work with you on a fair solution! 

I have a question not answered above: 

Please reach out to us with any questions. We are always happy to help and will do our best to assist. :)